• Iraq, Bengazi result of Dangerous Vision of Republican Security.


    (AFN) G.W. Bush was head of the CIA from January 30, 1976, to January 20, 1977, so one would think that the Bush Administration, responsible for the Security of the United States of America, would know about threats to America, and perhaps they did. The Obama Adminstration has been facing one hearing after another regarding the Attacks on Bengazi that killed four Americans. But why hasn't as much attention been given to the real reasons behind the Bengazi attack, mainly 911 and Iraq. Testimony by Condoleeza Rice clearly shows that the Bush Administration knew about the impending attacks but did nothing. After the attacks Bush did nothing to go after the people responsible. Was it because they were his Saudi friends? Instead of going after Saudi Arabia, Bush the oil man and Cheney, Halliburtons former CEO, lied to Congress so they could start a war with Iraq.

    President Clinton had the World loving America. Never before had Americans known such Peace and Prosperity than under the Clinton years. Then came the Bush years, the first words to come out of our new Presidents mouth were to declare North Korea, Iran and Iraq the 'Axis of Evil'. Immediately the World became uneasy, then came 911. As the World offered to help, the Bush Administration declined all Worldly help and instead chose Halliburton to handle the crisis. They ignored World help, ignored the people responsible and instead started an unnecessary war with Iraq, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Mucslims thus turning Muslims against America making America a much less safe place as a new generation of Muslims have united in their hatred of America.

    Instead of securing our border north, where the attackers came from, a wall is being built to keep Mexicans out. Defense contractors are making Halliburton billions while REAL soldiers are living on food stamps.

    This is the safety Republicans offer, and much more of it, as America and the World have become less safe while oil and defense make trillions of dollars 'protecting America'.


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