After years of disrespecting sitting President Obama, the FBI, NATO and the World as a Whole, Donald trump continued to disrespect, lie and attack anyone and everyone – and was fully supported by 50% of Americans. Despite published accounts of: sexual assault on women and children, failure to pay workers and contractors, hiring illegal aliens while threatening to deport these same immigrants, filing bankruptcy 4 times costing taxpayers billions of dollars and costing thousands of contractors hundreds of millions of dollars, causing many businesses to fail. All while keeping the building he did not pay for. None of this mattered compared to Hillary’s email, because trump said so.

This same person refuses to pay taxes for the luxury of enjoying police and fire protection, nice roads and bridges, all paid for by someone else.

Donald trump sees nothing wrong with stiffing workers, molesting women and children, attacking verbally and physically and one he wants, and not paying his fair share.

Strangely enough, neither do the republican party of America.

Ever since the first Black American was elected President republicans have done everything they could to block his attempts at making America better going as far as to question his being an American – saying he was born in Kenya. These same republicans knew President Obama was born in America but have gone from keeping their hatred hidden in their mommies basements to creating a whole news network to spread their fear and hatred of anyone not White or male. The election of Donald trump should be a wakeup call to anyone thinking another Hitler threatening the World could not possibly happen, and how easy it is to get people to follow.